Trump Condemns Violence and Vandalism at Capitol Hill

Trump Condemns Violence and Vandalism at Capitol Hill

( – President Donald Trump has always been a proponent of law and order. He chose to reiterate his stance this week after unrest in our nation, which continues to threaten our democracy. In a video message released on YouTube, our commander-in-chief “unequivocally” condemned the violence on Capitol Hill that occurred on Wednesday, January 6.

On January 13, The White House published the following video on YouTube, a few days after Trump was suspended from Twitter:

Within the address, our president outlined that “no true supporter” of his could ever support the storming of the US Capitol, and no true supporter would disrespect the American flag or harass law enforcement. Rather, he reiterated that his party is one of law, order, and holding fast to our country’s “most sacred traditions.”

In closing, President Trump touched on Big Tech’s censorship of Conservatives, declaring the cancel culture both “wrong” and “dangerous.” Rather than this division, he asked us to “move forward united.” Hopefully, both sides can remember that we’re one nation ruled by the people, so we must raise our voices rather than our arms.

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