Trump Defends Boebert, Takes on Ilhan Omar

Trump Defends Boebert, Takes on Ilhan Omar

( – Former President Donald Trump swung for the fences on Tuesday, sending out a “mean tweet” through the Save America PAC’s Twitter account. In the social media blast, he criticized Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MIN) for committing immigration and election fraud while accusing the Somalian-born leader of abandoning her former country.

Trump’s PAC posted the tweet following an ongoing public dispute between Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) Omar that began after an undated Facebook video surfaced of Boebart comparing Omar to a terrorist. To make amends, Boebart and Omar agreed to discuss the contents of the video over a phone call.

Omar demanded Boebart issue a public apology. The Republican leader refused, saying she had done so already, firing back that Omar should apologize for her “anti-American” rhetoric instead. Omar would later release a statement saying she decided to end the unproductive call after Boebart refused to apologize for her “hurtful and dangerous comments.”

One of the more egregious accusations Trump made in his tweet was that Omar should apologize for marrying her brother. Omar calls that persistent rumor “absurd and offensive.”

Is the former president wrong for pointing out Omar’s questionable history here? Or is he simply speaking the truth?

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