Trump Does What Congress Won’t

Trump Does What Congress Won't

( – As Congress continues to struggle to find common ground with what to include in the next coronavirus stimulus package, President Donald Trump stepped in to provide the next wave of relief. On Saturday, August 8, he signed multiple executive orders extending benefits to the hardest-hit Americans.

The first lowers the previous $600-per-week federal unemployment benefit, which ran out in late July, to $400 per week, asking states to pick up a quarter of the cost. Another order defers Social Security payroll taxes for some employers this year with the hope they’ll be forgiven under the next President.

In addition, one executive order defers student loan payments through December, and a fourth order hopes to slow federal housing evictions over the coming months.

Through this succession of actions, President Trump provided struggling Americans with a stopgap measure until Congress can come to an agreement on their stimulus bill. At a time such as this, it’s critical to have someone leading our country who’s willing to get things done when our elected officials cannot come to a much-needed agreement.

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