Trump Doesn’t Hold Back on Arrest of Steele Dossier Source

Trump Doesn't Hold Back on Arrest of Steele Dossier Source

( – After four years of seeing his approach to running the country, the American people have come to understand Donald J. Trump doesn’t hold back — ever. So why, after the feds arrested one of the most crucial people associated with the Steele Dossier, would anyone expect him to start now?

On the November 8 episode of “Relatable,” Trump joined host Allie Beth Stuckey by phone. Throughout their conversation, the two discussed the indictment of Igor Danchenko, a key contributor to the Steele Dossier. The political research report was chock-full of unsubstantiated and controversial material that supposedly connected Trump to Russia, which officials used to prove his alleged collusion.

When the show’s host asked the former president for details, Trump asserted that much of the Democratic party knew it was false, explicitly pointing the finger at Hillary Clinton and Adam Schiff. He added that those involved sought to have his family persecuted despite knowing full well it was fake.

Stuckey asked Trump if he could explain to Americans why the Steele Dossier should matter to everyone. The former president answered that the Russia hoax ruined multiple lives. He also called it a massive con job.

Trump says he congratulated the district attorney shortly after the FBI arrested Danchenko and Special Counsel John Durham issued his indictment. Furthermore, he cautioned the host that catching the Russian national was only the beginning; Durham’s investigation will uncover so much more as it continues.

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