Trump Erupts After Investigators Find Hillary Clinton Spies Targeted Him

Trump Erupts After Investigators Find Hillary Clinton Spies Targeted Him

( – Former President Donald Trump may not be a public servant anymore, but it seems he will be in the public’s eye for the rest of his life. Typically the media finds ways to portray the former president negatively. However, every now and then, information emerges, vindicating an earlier claim. Such was the case with some recently filed court documents.


Former President Trump exploded over the weekend following a bombshell report from Special Counsel John Durham buried in a court filing. The document indicates that Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign hired a company to covertly gain access to servers located at Trump Tower in the lead-up to the 2016 election and later in the Trump White House. The goal was to create a connection and narrative between Trump and alleged Russian tampering in the 2016 general elections.

Trump posted a statement about the news on his website. As he wrote, the latest filing from Durham provides undeniable evidence that Clinton’s campaign spied on him during the 2016 campaign and his presidency in an effort to fabricate the false narrative that he was collaborating with Russia. The former president called the scandal worse than Watergate, adding that anyone involved or with knowledge of the Clinton campaign’s actions should be prosecuted.

Trump added that the offense would have been punishable by death at one point in history. In addition, the former president said he believes Clinton and the others involved in the scandal should provide reparations to anyone in the country which the campaign’s actions damaged.

Durham’s Report

Durham’s filing focused on Michael Sussmann, a campaign lawyer for Clinton, who was previously indicted for allegedly lying to a federal agent. Sussman pleaded not guilty to that charge.

The filing indicated that Sussmann lied when he told then-Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) General Counsel James Baker that he wasn’t working for any clients two months before the 2016 presidential election. At the time, Sussmann arranged a meeting with FBI officials to present evidence of the Trump Organization’s ties to Alfa Bank, which reportedly has connections to the Kremlin.

Durham’s February 11 filing shows that, in truth, Sussmann was working for two clients at that time: the Clinton campaign and a technology executive at a US-based company. In addition, Durham alleges that billing records indicate Sussman billed Clinton’s campaign on multiple occasions for his work gathering documents that supposedly confirmed his Trump/Russia narrative.

The report also revealed that Sussman and the tech executive talked to, and met with, a third person, Marc Elias, the General Counsel for Clinton’s campaign. Durham’s filing details how the tech executive enlisted the help of a US university that was analyzing large quantities of data related to a pending cybersecurity research contract from the federal government. Durham alleges the executive asked the university to gather internet data to support his claims Trump colluded with Russia.

The tech executive used his position with ties to the White House to implement a data collection scheme which is bad enough. However, making matters worse, once they collected the data, they altered and misrepresented it to fabricate evidence related to Trump’s alleged connection with Russia.

When that effort to frame Trump failed, members of Clinton’s campaign and other unnamed individuals created their own narrative. They allegedly fabricated supporting evidence as part of an effort to prompt an FBI investigation into Donald Trump and his campaign. As Trump has pointed out on numerous occasions, such actions clearly constitute treason.

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