Trump Goes Nuclear on Nancy Pelosi

( – Former President Donald Trump blasted Democratic California Representative Nancy Pelosi on August 6, as he declared she’s a “wicked witch” who will soon “live in hell.” The former commander-in-chief delivered these harsh comments against Pelosi on his Truth Social account, following an interview the representative had on August 4 on MSNBC.

During that interview on “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Pelosi slammed Trump over the latest indictment brought against him. She even told Mitchell that the Republican leader and presidential candidate looked like a “scared puppy” when he was arriving in Washington, DC.

Following the interview and her comments against him, Trump wrote on his Truth Social account that Americans didn’t see a “scared puppy” as they watched him on television. He noted that Pelosi was quite vicious in her comments, and pointed out he “purposely” never commented on her husband’s “very weird story.”

While the Republican leader didn’t provide any detail about this “weird story”, he claimed that Pelosi’s husband was already “in hell.” Trump also said that her husband’s “journey from hell” starts and finished with the Democratic lawmaker. The former commander-in-chief closed his comments about Pelosi calling her a “sick and demented psycho.”

Among other observations, Pelosi said in the interview that Trump was scared and that it was interesting to hear Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn saying what he felt in the courtroom. The Democratic representative also told Mitchell that while she wasn’t in the courtroom, she noticed Trump was “very concerned” when he came out of the car. Pelosi then said the former president knows he has been lying all these years, pointing out he also knows he legitimately lost the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden. Finally, she claimed Trump will now have to “face the music.”

The GOP leader and presidential candidate pleaded not guilty on August 3 to four criminal counts alleging conspiracies to overturn the election results. This was the third indictment brought against the former president in 2023.

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