Trump Had Halted Aid to Palestine; Biden Restored It

( – According to an op-ed article published by political analyst Adam Andrzejewski in Forbes back in 2021, former president and presidential candidate Donald Trump cut the aid to Palestine in 2018. However, President Joe Biden restored it in 2021, as he agreed with the Palestine Liberation Organization’s claim that Trump committed an illegal act, as US taxpayers had the international obligation to fund them.

As noted by Forbes’ former contributor, this was a mistake by the Biden administration, as Trump managed to control the Israeli-Palestine conflict and even managed to make a deal with Saudi Arabia to establish relations with Jerusalem. He also explained that the biggest example of this failure by President Biden was how the terrorist group Hamas shot some rockets at Israel a couple of weeks after he restarted aid to Palestine.

Since the latest terrorist attack from Hamas against Israel on October 7, many politicians and political analysts have claimed that this mistake from President Biden was one of the reasons behind the current clash between the two nations. Some of them have also claimed that the greatest mistake from the Biden administration has been the attempt to restore the controversial Iran deal, which started during the Obama administration but Trump canceled.

One of the latest attempts from President Biden to make this happen was the payment of $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran, in exchange for the release of six American prisoners detained in the Persian nation. Trump and other Republican leaders claimed this payment represented a crucial mistake, as the Iranian regime is the one behind Hamas’ terrorist attack against Israel, and it probably used part of this money to finance it.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken dismissed these accusations and said that the Iranian regime couldn’t use this money to finance the terrorist attack, as this was meant to be used for humanitarian purposes. However, he did recognize that Iran was not only supporting Hamas but was also behind the gruesome attacks in some Israeli cities.

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