Trump Has 34% Lead Over DeSantis

( – According to a Morning Consult Tuesday poll, presidential candidate Donald Trump has a lead of 34 percent over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This lead maintains the former president as the favorite to win the 2024 Republican primary, in a moment where more GOP leaders are announcing their bids.

The poll revealed that 22 percent of the Republican electorate supports the Florida Governor, while 56 percent backs the former commander-in-chief. Also, the poll showed that former Vice President Mike Pence reached third place, as it had  7 percent of support. While it’s unlikely he wins the nomination, this is a serious jump from Pence, considering that the same poll showed him with only 3 percent back in May.

In the poll analysis, Morning Consult said this is a delicate situation for the Florida Governor, considering that his support remains stagnant even “after launch.” It also pointed out DeSantis should be concerned by this, as the difference in support between him and Trump is the same as before launching his presidential campaign.

This is a concerning moment for DeSantis, as most political analysts thought he was going to increase his popularity after announcing his bid. While this could surely start happening shortly, DeSantis should have already increased his number if he wants to win the nomination. After all, every poll shows Trump is such a strong candidate that he could already be considered the most popular leader in the Republican Party. However, the silver lining for DeSantis is that he could capitalize on his current popularity and become GOP’s most popular figure shortly.

The poll also showed this will be a two-man race, as the survey also asked respondents who they would choose as their second option. Morning Consult said that 47 percent of Trump supporters will pick the Florida Governor, while 44 percent of DeSantis supporters will pick the former president.

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