Trump Intensifies War Against Senate Republicans

( – According to a Newsmax August 1 report, former President Donald Trump is intensifying his war against GOP senators who aren’t asking for probes against the Biden family. The media outlet pointed out that Trump is targeting those senators that are silent about an impeachment trial against President Joe Biden. Trump has allegedly claimed that these senators aren’t acting like their counterparts in Congress.

Concerning the feud between Trump and the Republican senators, The Hill noted that a GOP strategist told the media outlet that this push may backfire. The strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that these senators may see these acts from the presidential candidate as a distraction against his legal issues.

Former Senate leadership aide Ron Bonjean told The Hill that many Senate Republicans’ attitude toward the Biden family scandal and the possibility of impeaching the president is normal. The former Senate leadership aide told the media outlet that conservative senators are usually “measured” and don’t “knee-jerk to pressure.”

During a July 29 rally in Pennsylvania, the former president repeated his call for primary challengers against these Republican senators. Trump told the audience that these senators have “other priorities,” and claimed that Republicans that fail to act on “Democrat fraud” need to be “immediately primaried.”

The former commander-in-chief also said in the rally that Americans need to know why some of the GOP senators aren’t aggressive about the Biden family’s finances. Trump said that, with the latest “revelations,” it makes no sense that the “Republican leadership” in the upper chamber isn’t talking about “crooked” President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. He then claimed both of them had committed “criminal acts” against the United States and him.

As reported by Newsmax, many GOP senators are saying they don’t want the former president to win the Republican Party’s presidential nomination. The news outlet also said these senators are not defending Trump because of the reactions of moderate Republicans and swing voters to him.

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