Trump Introduces New Voting Plan

Trump Introduces New Voting Plan

( – Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to criticizing the voting system in the US. Since announcing his candidacy for president, the past leader has been at the center of several controversies. The most recent to come is his new plan for voting.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Trump asserted the best way to vote would be on Election Day with voter ID, paper ballots, and his other talking points on the matter. The former president declared the current system of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting is problematic, claiming the American electoral system isn’t broken but instead corrupt.

The former president explained that when a person goes to a polling place, officials can determine the vote is legitimate through ID checks. However, mail-in ballots don’t offer officials any way to determine whether the vote is legit. Of course, these allegations are nothing new coming from the former president.

What is new is the fact that Trump believes Republicans need to go with the current flow, meaning they need to beat Democrats at their own game. The former president noted the GOP isn’t in the position it needs to be in to pass voter reform. In the meantime, Trump thinks Republicans are better off just shaming Democrats while also taking advantage of the current system, claiming they don’t have a choice.

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