Trump Isn’t Playing Defense Anymore, Is Taking Fight to Hillary

Trump Isn't Playing Defense Anymore, Is Taking Fight to Hillary

( – Former President Trump spent the year before his presidency and his four years as the leader of the Free World defending himself. Democrats were attacking the celebrity entrepreneur-turned politician from every direction and at every turn, leaving him no choice. However, Trump is done being on defense, now he’s going on the offensive.

Taking the Fight to Them

Alina Habba, Trump’s attorney, joined Newsmax host Rob Schmitt on his show Rob Schmitt Tonight, where she asserted the former president was done defending himself. Don’t worry, Trump isn’t simply rolling over and taking it, either, as he plans to take the fight to those who have berated and lied about him for years.

One name, in particular, comes to mind: Hillary Clinton. But she’s far from the only person in Trump’s lawsuit as he looks to sue everyone who has been or still is involved in the attempt to crush his political career and tarnish his image.

Habba told Schmitt on the show’s March 24 airing that former President Trump is done taking the hits, adding that from now on, he’ll be coming back at anyone who’s come after him. She explained he’s no longer a sitting president and this is just the beginning of him fighting back against the fallacies the majority of Democrats, and even some Republicans, have accused him of, namely the alleged collusion with Russia.

The attorney noted Trump plans to set the record straight and hold accountable those who attacked him. Habba included mainstream media in the mix, asserting they were complicit in the Democratic narrative, noting they can only lie so much. She claimed left-wing media and liberal Democrats were destroying democracy, calling it a shame before declaring Trump is going to fight them.

Could Trump Triumph?

The former president covers several grievances in his 108-page lawsuit, which he filed in a Florida federal court. Trump alleges the defendants conspired against him, fabricating a false narrative with the intention of purposely hurting his image by claiming he and a hostile country were colluding. Trump is seeking compensation for damages as well as punishment. The lawsuit mentioned Trump was forced to pay for legal fees and related expenses, which will be determined at trial, though the former president claims the number is no less than $24 million and continues to rise.

The question is whether Trump will come out on top of this lawsuit. While Democrats claimed he was colluding with Russia and attempted to smear his image, no evidence ever supported this narrative. In fact, it was just the opposite; those responsible for the fabricated story found themselves in trouble when authorities opened an investigation leading them to a trail of faked or fabricated documents used to frame Trump. Whether or not that will help him in court remains to be seen, but it’s clear Trump is no longer going to be a punching bag.

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