Trump Jr. Discusses the Future for His Father’s Patriot Movement

Trump Jr. Discusses the Future for His Father's Patriot Movement

( – Donald Trump has an incredibly supportive family that continues to praise the movement he began when he first took office as President of the United States in 2017. In a recent video clip released on the social media platform Telegram, his son, Donald Trump Jr., shares what’s next for his family and their supporters.

On Friday, February 5, Trump Jr. posted a video of his father telling a supporter “we haven’t finished yet.” Trump Jr. tacked on to that message in his own video, thanking listeners for the “blood, sweat, and tears” they’ve devoted to the former president’s movement, encouraging them that it’s “still alive and well.”

One key component of the movement’s future plans is electing lawmakers “who really represent the people.” Trump’s son shared that the party would continue to be “against the establishment” and “against the elite.”

Trump Jr. encouraged supporters to stand firm, even when Conservatives are being fact-checked and censored at seemingly every turn. So, as we continue to push through mainstream media bias and Big Tech’s crackdown on free speech, we must band together to continue the fight for our nation and future because we know the Trumps will, too.

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