Trump Lawyer Says Jack Smith Is Endangering American Legal System

( – One of the lawyers representing former President Donald Trump said on August 3 that Special Counsel Jack Smith was jeopardizing the American justice system. He made these comments right after he brought another indictment against the GOP presidential candidate, which many Republicans have criticized.

During an interview with Daily Wire’s Chief Editor Ben Shapiro, Trump’s lawyer Jesse Binnall said that the Biden administration was playing a “super dangerous game.” He explained this is because the charges brought against the former president are “spurious” but “serious.”

Binnall also told Shapiro there was a significant chance that the GOP presidential candidate is convicted on each of these charges. When asked why he feared that possibility, the lawyer said because there’s a Washington, DC, jury. However, he said he believes that, if this scenario takes place, Trump’s team will appeal and everything “will end up” in the US Supreme Court.

Following those comments, Shapiro told Binnall that if the Supreme Court decides to rule in favor of the former president, this would eventually lead to a political crisis. Shapiro explained this is because the high court would be entirely delegitimized for Democrats, no matter if the decision to rule in favor of Trump is legally correct.

To these comments, Binnall responded that Smith was putting the nation’s highest court in an “impossible situation.” The lawyer told Shapiro that the United States is experiencing a delicate moment in its history that will never be forgotten. He also said that this year will be remembered in the future as one of the last moments when the country was “united,” as he believes 2024 and 2025 will be much worse.

Finally, Binnall told Shapiro that the special counsel was harming the “entire credibility” of the country’s justice system, regardless of which “side wins.” He also pointed out that US Chief Justice John Roberts could be “sweating right now” as he has always put the judiciary’s credibility “very, very high.”

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