Trump Legal Team Introduces Evidence at Press Conference

Trump Legal Team Introduces Evidence at Press Conference

( – President Donald Trump’s re-election team continues to fight for the presidency well after Election Day. After weeks of little publicly-shared information from Trump’s legal team, they held a press conference to explain their strategy and let Americans know some of the evidence they have of voter fraud.

Rudy Giuliani Alleges “Centralized” Voter Fraud

Former New York City mayor and now personal attorney to the president, Rudy Guiliani, led the press conference on Thursday, November 19. He spoke about voter fraud plans his team found mainly in “big cities controlled by Democrats.”

Guiliani accused Philadelphia of “cheating in just about every single election” in the past 60 years, and implied Detroit, Michigan has done the same. It’s mostly in these and similar Democrat-run cities that the legal team is pursuing court challenges.

The Legal Team Referenced a Few Affidavits

The legal team did not share much of their evidence in support of the alleged voter fraud. But, they happily provided their reasoning for keeping it hidden, calling out mainstream media for their lack of coverage on the subject:

Rather than choosing the “court of public opinion,” the team is taking their battle through the legal courts, where they hope to find unbiased jurors and judges willing to seek the truth.

One of the affidavits referred to allegedly says that poll supervisors instructed their poll workers in Pennsylvania to assign random names to ballots without names. This caused numerous people in Pittsburgh to show up to vote in person, only to be told a vote was already cast in their name.

Instances like this, as well as suits against unlawful mail-in and absentee ballots, are the main strategy to win the election, Guiliani stated. Reporter Noah Rothman shared a succinct version of the plan in Wisconsin:

Trump’s Legal Team Believes He Will Win the Election

Attorney Sidney Powell spoke at the press conference as well:

Americans must continue to wait for Trump’s legal team to fight the battle for election integrity in the courts. Only after all lawsuits are finished and affidavits have been read and released will we have a picture of what exactly happened on Election Day, and who is the next President of the United States.

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