Trump Pokes Fun At Biden After He Fell In Public

( – Former US President Donald Trump made some comments about President Biden’s fall on Thursday that made his supporters laugh. During a speech in Iowa, the Republican leader was notified that the president had fallen after appearing at the US Air Force Academy commencement ceremony.

Right after hearing the information, Trump delivered some words for President Biden. He said he hoped “he wasn’t hurt” and explained people should “always be careful” even if they have to “tiptoe down a ramp.”  These comments prompted widespread laughter from the Republican crowd that was attending his rally.

The former president’s remark about tiptoeing was about a controversial moment that happened in 2020 at the West Point Military Academy. After delivering a speech, people noticed he slowly walked down a ramp. The moment was caught on video and became viral after getting uploaded on social media. The footage raised concerns among many users who claimed Trump wasn’t healthy.

In fact, even some media outlets published many articles about the moment, which many considered the biggest example of media bias. After all, the mainstream media has always been accused of favoring Democrats and failing to properly report on President Biden’s old age.

Trump defended himself at that moment, tweeting that the ramp he descended was “long & steep.” He also said he had to walk this way because the ramp was slippery and had no handrail. Finally, he wrote in his tweet that he wasn’t going to fall and let the “Fake News have fun with.”

After President Biden’s incident at the US Air Force Academy, White House communications director Ben LaBolt said in a tweet he was doing fine. He pointed out that the commander-in-chief tripped over a sandbag while he was interacting with the public.

This incident comes after the president fell on the steps while boarding Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in 2021.

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