Trump Poll Figures Surge Post-Indictment

( – According to a June 11 CBS News poll, the popularity of former President Donald Trump has skyrocketed among Republicans. The survey even showed that this surge has been so strong that Trump has even widened his lead in the Republican Party’s primary. Experts point out this is a surprising situation as the poll was made on June 9, a day after the Department of Justice indicted him with 37 criminal counts.

As reported by CBS News, the company surveyed 1,798 GOP voters, with a 3.3 margin of error. The poll revealed that the former commander-in-chief currently has 61 percent of support in the GOP primary. This a significant number as Trump now leads Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by 38 points, as the poll showed he only had 23 percent of support among Republicans.

This distance between Trump and DeSantis has surprised many, as political analysts predicted DeSantis’ numbers would increase after his campaign announcement. However, his performance since announcing his presidential bid hasn’t been good enough to become a serious threat to the former president. He was one of the few GOP presidential candidates to express solidarity with Trump after the indictment. Some observers said this was nothing more than a desperate move to please Trump’s base and see if he could grab some votes there in the future.

Many poll respondents said they believe the Trump indictment is a politically-motivated act of persecution against the former president. CBS News also said that most polled are more concerned about Trump being targeted for political reasons than they are about whether his conduct could represent a national security risk.

Another surprising detail about this poll was that South Carolina Senator Tim Scott kept showing an impressive performance. The survey shows he’s currently in third place behind Trump and DeSantis as the most popular presidential candidate in the GOP. He’s currently one point ahead of former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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