Trump Predicts PA Voter Registration Program is Bad for GOP

( – Former President and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump criticized on September 25 Pennsylvania’s decision to add voter registration to the process o getting a driver’s license in the Commonwealth. The Republican leader argued that this change would be counterproductive for the GOP, as he tries to win the party’s presidential nomination and presidential election in 2024.

In a Truth Social post, Trump explained that what Pennsylvania did was an “Unconstitutional Act” that needed to be “met harshly” by the GOP leadership in this state and Washington. He also noted that the RNC and Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had to work hard on this, instead of spending their time in “meaningless debates” where he’s up by “over 50 points.”

On September 18, Pennsylvania Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro said that residents who visit the state’s Department of Transportation (PennDOT) will have their driver and photo licenses taken through a new voter registration process. He also said that those who visit the state must now opt out of registration instead of opting in. Shapiro added that Pennsylvania will join almost two dozen states in the nation that have a similar system.

In his post, Trump noted that automatic registration is a significant problem that could even determine who will win the presidential election. He also accused Shapiro of being a radical leftist and claimed that this new system would be a “disaster” for all Republicans who aspire to win an electoral event in this state. Trump pointed out that the Pennsylvania GOP must prevent this from happening and called Republican leaders in the state to “start suing” and getting the “right lawyers this time.”

Following his announcement, the governor told reporters that he’s taking this step as he believes that this new process will make electoral events in the state safer. He also said that automatic voter registration is a matter of common sense and saving time and tax dollars for those who live in the state.

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