Trump Promises To Prosecute Biden Family If Elected

( – Former President Donald Trump said on June 11 he would direct a special counsel to target President Joe Biden and his family if he wins the presidential election. The former commander-in-chief made this comment on his Truth Social account, following the Justice Department indictment against him.

In an aggressive missive, Trump wrote in capital letters he would “appoint” a special prosecutor to pursue “the most corrupt president” in US history. He then said that the main goal would be to target the “entire Biden crime.” Trump also said that his special prosecutor would “go after” everyone who is involved with the “destruction” of the country’s borders and electoral events.

Since the indictment, most of Trump’s supporters have accused the Biden administration of executing a politically motivated persecution against him. Some have even said that the main goal of this prosecution is to ruin his presidential campaign, as many polls show he could beat President Biden.

However, different legal analysts including former attorney general William Barr believe Trump is in a delicate situation he may not be able to escape. Barr has said that the case of criminality against Trump is so overwhelming that the former president is “toast.”

In a different post, Trump said he hopes Americans are watching what radical leftist “lunatics” are doing to the country. He added that the United States is a nation in decline, pointing out that everything will “get worse.” Finally, the former president claimed that the Chinese regime “took over Cuba,” claiming this wouldn’t happen under his administration.

Trump was referring to recent reports that revealed Beijing and Havana had a secret deal to create a spying base on the Caribbean Island. A Biden administration told Fox News the station has been operational since 2019. Experts believe this is a delicate situation that resembles some of the worst moments of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union.

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