Trump Republican Leaves The GOP To Become A Democrat

( – Democrats are welcoming a new Trump Republican to their ranks. New Jersey State Senator Samuel Thompson is seeking reelection as a Democrat after the GOP reportedly questioned his fitness for office, citing his old age, according to The Daily Caller. Thompson, 87, said that he did not leave his party, but that the party leadership left him. 

Thompson expressed his disappointment over what he saw as a betrayal by his friends. He said that he works as a legislator for the 12th Legislative District full-time, unlike others who only do it part-time, adding that the job gives him something to wake up to do. 

“The alternative is sit at home and just wait to die? I have to be active,” he said. “I think I’m doing a public service.” 

The state senator was a former soldier and research assistant, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. When asked about how he would reconcile his belief in the success of the Trump presidency and those right-wing views with the Democratic Party, Thompson said that people were free to make the choices they make. 

The 12th Legislative District reportedly includes Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean counties. The 40-member chamber will see a one-seat boost when Thompson makes the switch, giving Democrats an advantage from 24 to 25 seats. 

Democratic Governor Phil Murphy already welcomed the elder senator into the party, calling him a “tireless public servant.” Middlesex County Republican Chairman Rob Bengivenga was reportedly disappointed that his friend would not continue working with the GOP as a mentor or advisor. 

The primary in the upcoming Assembly and Senate elections for all 120 seats occurs in June. Thompson would have faced off against a challenger had he stayed in the GOP, however, it is unclear if Democrats will decide to run someone against him.

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