Trump Says He Prefers Press Releases to Twitter Now

Trump Says He Prefers Press Releases to Twitter Now

( – Former President Donald Trump doesn’t miss Twitter, according to a video the Atlantic recently posted. A former prolific social media user, Trump said he prefers the eloquence and simplicity of a press release over the restrictive, 280-characters per tweet. He says he reaches more people by email through his America First PAC than he ever could on Twitter.

Trump is also noticeably absent from the rest of social media, his own blossoming network, Truth Social, included. It would seem he truly does prefer being able to speak at length, releasing information, statements, links, and endorsements on a site maintained by America First,

Princeton historian Julian Zelizer helped conduct a C-SPAN poll that ranked Trump among the country’s worst presidents. He believes the ex-commander-in-chief did something former Presidents Obama and Bush failed to do by reaching out to historians personally. Zelizer says he never expected to be in a video conference with a former president, but eventually spoke to him via Zoom.

Zelizer said Trump seemed empathetic to historians who viewed him unfavorably during the call, but was quick to offer up a list of reasons they should reconsider.

The campaign to change hearts and minds included contacting Zelizer, but also involved connecting with 22 other historians who took part in the C-SPAN poll. Trump apparently hoped to help them better understand what he stood for.

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