Trump Says Stimulus Talks Are Finally Happening Again

Trump Says Stimulus Talks Are Finally Happening Again

( – It’s been six months since the first COVID-19 lockdowns began. Many Americans, small businesses, and industries are still hurting from the isolation and lack of spending. While relief packages were quick to pass early on, Congress has been at a standstill the past few weeks as the two sides attempt to negotiate a deal. But, President Donald Trump says there’s still hope on the horizon.

On Tuesday, October 6, a day after his release from Walter Reed Medical Center, Trump advised the GOP to stop negotiations for a stimulus bill until after the election. He said Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was “not negotiating in good faith.” That changed.

Trump Calls For Stand Alone Bills

In a quick change of heart, President Trump challenged Pelosi to accept a relief proposal on Twitter:

Trump also said he was willing to approve $160 billion in financial support for businesses, including the airline industry:

However, on Thursday, October 8, Pelosi declared she would not approve any stand-alone bills, including those for airline aid.

Negotiations Continue As the Weekend Approaches

The pressure for another stimulus package only increases as time ticks on. US airlines began another set of layoffs last week after the CARES Act expired, adding over 33,000 workers to the unemployment numbers. Without additional aid or an uptick in airline travel, more layoffs may come.

On Thursday, October 8, the Trump administration said it’s working with Democrats to negotiate a “bigger deal.” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continues to work with Pelosi on this next package, which is believed to include direct stimulus payments to Americans and a bailout for the air travel industry.

Can Congress Set Aside Their Differences to Provide Relief to Americans?

By calling off negotiations this week, President Trump gave negotiators a clean slate to work with. Hopefully, as lawmakers grapple with the best way to deliver relief to the American people, they can find a middle ground. Passing a stimulus bill will provide assistance to citizens and businesses who desperately need it.

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