Trump Secures Lower Drug Prices

Trump Secures Lower Drug Prices

( – Americans across the US are raising concerns about the high price of prescription drugs these days. President Donald Trump acknowledged this issue and secured low-cost pharmaceuticals for our nation through a new mandate.

On Sunday, September 13, the White House published an executive order lowering the price of Medicare Part B and D prescription drugs and biological products. Once enforced, the US will pay the “most-favored-nation” price, which equals the lowest price another country pays after appropriate economic adjustments.

Under our current pricing structure, Americans pay more than other countries for identical drugs. Thus, our citizens end up “subsidizing innovation and lower-cost drugs for the rest of the world.”

Through this order, President Trump ensures the US does not foot the bill for costly nationalized healthcare systems abroad. He celebrated this achievement on Twitter:

By securing lower drug prices for Medicare programs, our president set clear boundaries with other nations, stating that we won’t be paying for their issues any longer. While it may take time for this order to be implemented, it’s an incredible step towards more affordable healthcare.

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