Trump Secures the Future of American Cities

Trump Secures the Future of American Cities

( – Civil unrest has taken hold of many cities across our nation, leading to both violence and destruction. Small businesses and innocent citizens fell victim to rioters and even anarchy. President Trump, though, fights back with a variety of policies to keep America’s future alive.

The Presidential Memorandum

In a September 2 memorandum, the White House acknowledged that Americans’ “rights, including their rights to peaceful expression, assembly, and protest” were under attack. It explains that it’s the US government’s responsibility to protect both the lives and property of its citizens.

With this, President Donald J. Trump wants to ensure American tax dollars and federal grants do not support lawless cities or zones. So, in the coming weeks, the Attorney General will release a list of “anarchist jurisdictions” where citizens are not protected from this violence.

Where Is the Crime?

Cities with high crime rates, civil unrest, or that have defunded the police are likely to make the list. Here are a few that may appear:

  • New York City: 242 shootings were recorded in August of 2020, compared to only 91 in 2019. Homicides also rose from 36 to 53 last month. Also, Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) cut the NY Police Department (NYPD) budget by $1 billion, which would have gone toward hiring 1,163 new police officers.
  • Chicago: Last month, 503 people were shot in the windy city, compared to only 268 in 2019.
  • Seattle: For three weeks in June, rioters created an autonomous zone, disrupting law-abiding citizens and police in the area. Additionally, 59 police officers have been injured in recent weeks.
  • Portland: Rioters continue to wreak havoc on local businesses, as well as injuring 140 Federal officers with “Molotov cocktails, mortar-style fireworks, hard projectiles, and lasers that can cause permanent blindness” and setting fire to the Federal courthouse.

Most of the cities rejected federal assistance to deal with the lawlessness. So, President Trump’s administration will review the federal funds given to cities that waste taxpayer’s money or “violates our Government’s promise to protect life, liberty, and property”. If no restorative action is taken, the grants or funds given to cities on this list may be restricted or disfavored.

What Will Americans Do About It?

As crime rises across the country without resistance, citizens turn to firearms for self-protection. The FBI reported 3.11 million background checks in August for people purchasing a firearm, making this summer the largest on record for the checks since the FBI began reporting them in 1998.

Between the coronavirus shutdowns and riots across our nation, many businesses are hurting more than ever. Citizens arm themselves while looking to their leader to bring law and order back to their homes. Thankfully, that’s just what President Trump is looking to do.

~Here’s to Your Prosperity!

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