Trump Slams Russian Prisoner Exchange for WNBA Star

Trump Slams Russian Prisoner Exchange for WNBA Star

Trump Breaks Silence On Biden’s Prisoner Exchange – Biden Should Listen

( – Despite the tensions building between the US and Russia, the two world powers have come to an agreement on the transfer of prisoners in the past. The Biden administration is again trying to secure the release of Americans imprisoned in Russia. While the families are certainly happy about the effort, former President Donald Trump isn’t a fan and has been critical of the move.

The most recent negotiations between Washington and Moscow would see the latter release WNBA star Brittney Griner and Paul Whelan, a corporate security executive accused of espionage. In return, the US would free Viktor Bout, a convicted arms dealer. The new agreement comes just months after the two countries came to a deal to secure the freedom of Marine veteran Trevor Reed and Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshen.

The former president offered some criticism for the new arrangement, mentioning it isn’t a “good trade.” Trump explained that in exchange for Griner, whom he called a “spoiled person,” the US would let Bout, whom he described as one of the “biggest” arms dealers in the world and an “absolute killer,” walk free. According to Breitbart News, Bout has allegedly sold weapons to terror organizations like Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

The former commander in chief added the Russian will essentially get his freedom because the WNBA star knowingly went into a hostile country, where they’re tough on drugs, with an illegal substance. Trump asserted that Griner admitted she did wrong and pleaded guilty, but now the US is supposed to get her back and free her from foreign custody.

Does Trump’s opinion hold any weight? Is he right to disagree with the idea of releasing a man indirectly responsible for countless deaths to secure the release of the two Americans?

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