Trump Takes Victory Lap After Historic GDP Climb

Trump Takes Victory Lap After Historic GDP Climb

( – To say that the economy struggled this year would be an understatement. In the second quarter, during the height of COVID-19 shutdowns, the gross domestic product (GDP) shrunk by 31.4%. But, a report from the Bureau of Economic Affairs gave President Donald Trump reason to celebrate the nation’s well-earned economic comeback.

On Thursday, October 29, a US Department of Commerce news release shared that 2020’s third-quarter real GDP increased at a rate of 33.1%. While this number is an estimate, it shows “continued efforts to reopen businesses and resume activities that were postponed or restricted due to COVID-19.”

This was the largest quarterly growth in the history of GDP record keeping, something even NBC Anchor Joe Scarborough knows is undeniable:

In addition, President Trump touted the strong jobs numbers:

As voters head to the polls, they get to choose the next president, whose policies will directly influence the health of our economy. President Trump has shown that his drive to reopen our country allows our economy, and our citizens, to thrive.

~Here’s to Your Prosperity!

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