Trump to Hold Massive Rally During Biden’s Inauguration

Trump to Hold Massive Rally During Biden's Inauguration

( – Only four outgoing presidents in US history have ever skipped the incoming president’s inauguration, one of which was Richard Nixon after his resignation. But, President Donald Trump may be the fifth to skip the swearing-in ceremony. Rather than attending, Trump has begun “preliminary planning” for a rally in Florida on January 20.

If President Trump does hold a rally opposite Joe Biden’s inauguration, this would be a rare, but bold, move. The Hill reports the announcement likely in store for the event:

Reporter Alayna Treene of Axios says this may “create a split-screen moment,” challenging the popularity and news coverage of a presidential inauguration with a separate political event.

If Trump does kick off a 2024 bid on Inauguration Day, this would give him a platform to critique Joe Biden’s every move for the next four years, showing the stark contrast between the two leaders. But, 2024 bid or not, Trump’s Inauguration Day rally is sure to cause a stir.

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