Trump Wants To Ban Government Misinformation

Trump Wants To Ban Government Misinformation

( – Former President Donald Trump announced his 2024 candidacy for the White House on November 15. Recently, maybe as a way to strum up momentum in his candidacy, the former president pledged to prohibit the US federal government from labeling speech in America as disinformation or misinformation if he won the Oval Office.

In a video statement shared with the New York Post, the former president asserted that he would sign an executive order to implement the ban. The action would also prevent federal agencies from working with individuals, organizations, or businesses to censor, impede, categorize, or limit lawful speech in the US.

Trump also stated he would fire any federal employees who engaged in censorship regardless of what positions they held within the government. The former president noted that he would direct the Justice Department to prosecute for alleged instances.

The former commander in chief made mention of the so-called “Twitter Files,” which he declared confirmed that the Deep State, liberal activists, corporate media, and “Silicon Valley tyrants” have engaged in censoring the American people through manipulation. The 45th President expressed the “censorship cartel” needed to be dissolved.

Trump also declared that any university previously engaged in censorship would lose federal funding for loans and research for at least five years. The former president pointed out he would sign the executive order “within hours” of his inauguration if he were elected as the 47th President.

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