Trump’s Endorsement Is Priceless, and This Senate Primary Proves it

Trump's Endorsement Is Priceless, and This Senate Primary Proves it

This Proves Trumps Endorsement Is Worth It’s Weight In GOLD

( – If anyone had doubts as to the power that former President Donald Trump has over the GOP, a recent Senate primary in the Midwest serves as proof he’s still a juggernaut. The country saw a total of 13 states hold primaries on May 3. But the real story is in Ohio, where JD Vance won his party’s nomination.

Up until about a few weeks before the Republican Senate Primary election, Trump had remained neutral to the numerous GOP candidates in Ohio. That was until he announced his support for Vance. After receiving the Republican nomination, Vance thanked former President Trump for his endorsement, which likely led to his victory.

This wasn’t just a victory for Vance, but for Trump as well. The former president’s position of being the most popular and most influential member of the GOP was at risk, despite his name not being on the ballot. Trump remains a powerhouse and a wild card for the Republican Party, especially considering his teasing of a presidential run in 2024.

Taylor Budowich, a spokesman for Trump, mentioned Vance set himself in an ideal position to earn the former president’s endorsement thanks to all the hard work he put in. Originally, political insiders projected Vance to place 4th in the race, but Trump’s support catapulted him to first in a matter of weeks. If that doesn’t tell the world what kind of political influence Trump has, nothing will.

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