Trump’s Lawyers Find A Relationship

( – The probe into whether former President Donald Trump interfered with the 2020 election in Georgia has been compromised, Trump’s lawyers have said. Attorneys Drew Findling and Jennifer Little said the problem is not the “media tour” undertaken by jury forewoman Emily Kohrs, but the apparent existence of a “relationship” between the District Attorney’s office and the members of the special grand jury that was convened for the investigation. “When the foreperson uses the word ‘we’ that lets you know there’s a relationship there. When she says in interviews ‘certain battles were not worth us battling,’ it’s not the special purpose grand jury that’s litigating, it’s the district attorney’s office,” Findling said. 

The lawyers went on to say that they will look into whether the District Attorney’s office should continue to be part of the case. Headed by Democrat Fani Willis, the DA’s office has not divulged if it intends to convene a criminal grand jury to bring charges. 

The case against the former President involves his alleged interference in the election count in Georgia in 2020, specifically his conversation with Brad Raffensperger, the Republican secretary of state. In a leaked phone call, Trump can be heard telling Raffensperger that he needs to “find” 12,000 votes to win the state. 

Trump’s lawyers believe that the appearance of fairness in the case has been compromised, which may have serious ramifications for the District Attorney’s office. The political leanings of DA Willis may also be a factor, particularly given a ruling by Fulton County Judge Robert McBurney to disqualify Willis from a case involving Trump last year. She was barred from investigating Republican state Sen. Burt Jones – one of the so-called fake electors – because she had hosted a fundraiser for his Democratic opponent. Judge McBurney wrote in his ruling that an investigation of such significance and subject to media scrutiny cannot be “burdened by legitimate doubts about the District Attorney’s motives.”

The “fake electors” are those who allegedly took part in a scheme to create and submit certificates of ascertainment to assert that Trump had won the electoral college votes in that state.

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