Trump’s Mug Shot Has Helped His Campaign Raise Over $7 Million

District Court Arrest Warrant court papers with handcuffs isolated on white with shallow depth of field

( – According to a CBS News August 27 report, a campaign spokesperson for former President Donald Trump said that his mug shot has been helpful for the presidential candidate. The spokesperson told the media outlet that Trump has raised $7.1 million since the mug shot was published on August 24. This happened after the former commander-in-chief was booked on 13 criminal counts related to an alleged scheme to manipulate the presidential election results in Georgia.

In addition, the spokesperson said the Trump campaign raised nearly $5 million on August 26 alone. He then pointed out this was the highest-grossing day that the campaign experienced since it officially started. He also said this showed how most conservatives and many Americans keep supporting the Republican leader.

According to a Politico report, the campaign took advantage of Trump’s mug shot as his joint fundraising committee started to sell merchandise two hours after the former president left the jail. He also shared the mug shot on his Twitter account and even pasted a link for donations. This was one of the main news in the country, as it was the first time that the Republican leader posted on Twitter in almost three years.

When asked about organic money, the Trump campaign’s spokesperson told CBS that this “skyrocketed” after Trump posted the photo. He then revealed that the campaign has so far raised almost $20 million over the last three weeks. During that period, the former commander-in-chief was also indicted in a separate case related to his purported attempts to invalidate the outcome of the 2020 election.

During the August 23 primary debate, former New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie said that GOP voters are being “ripped off” by donating to Trump. He’s one of the main Trump critics in the GOP and one of the only two candidates who have already said they wouldn’t support the former commander-in-chief in case he’s convicted of a crime.

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