Trump’s Plan to Take Over “Sanctuary Cities” and Rebuild Them

( – Donald Trump has spoken out about his plans to rebuild cities across the United States, referring especially to Washington and other Democrat-run cities.

“We’re going to rebuild our cities into beacons of hope, safety, and beauty – better than they have ever been before. We will take over the horribly run capital of our nation, Washington DC,” he said.

Trump has pushed against cities that are Democrat-run and have become rife with crime and “moral decay.” He even referred to Atlanta as a “record-setting Murder and Violent Crime War Zone.”

Donald Trump has specified different means which would make the cities in Trump’s image. These means include new police forces in cities such as Washington D.C, holding off on federal disaster and emergency grants unless cities follow immigration policies, and sharing any sensitive data with the federal government for immigration enforcement reasons.

Project 2025 is another attempt at combating the immigration issue by cracking down on these “sanctuary cities” that don’t cooperate with federal law on immigration.

Donald Trump has said multiple times that the crime rate in Washington D.C. will subside one it’s run by the federal government. Utilizing the Secret Service’s police force could be an option, but it’s said that they don’t have the ability to enforce laws outside the White House.

“As the District of Columbia is a federal jurisdiction and currently is beholden to the trend of progressive pro-crime policies, UD officers should enforce all applicable laws,” Project 2025 states.

It continued, “The result would be to allow UD officers to gain more law enforcement experience, an attractive credential that would improve morale.”

Trump’s allies have already been looking at Washington D.C. and other officials have expressed their support of a federal takeover of D.C.

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