Trump’s Support Has Dems Worried

Trump's Support Has Dems Worried

( – The former campaign manager who helped Obama win a historic election in 2008 is concerned about former Vice President Joe Biden’s ability to beat President Trump. On Wednesday, Dan Plouffe said that Trump is “very dangerous” to Biden because of the strong support among his base. Plouffe was the architect of Obama’s historic 2008 campaign, so Biden is right to share Plouffe’s concern.

Plouffe predicted that there’ll be a historic number of Trump voters in the November election. That’s even taking into account the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic fallout caused by it. He said no one is blaming Trump for what’s happening and his strong poll numbers stem from how people see the president handling this crisis.

According to Plouffe, Trump is well-positioned to defeat Biden in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. If that happens, Trump will easily win re-election. In a Gallup poll last week, Trump had 94% approval in the Republican party. In an ABC News-Washington Post poll, 86% of Trump supporters were enthusiastic about the president. Only 74% were enthusiastic about Biden. That’s a twelve-point enthusiasm gap.

Generally, candidates with the most enthusiasm win elections. These are unprecedented times, though. We’ll see if that trend remains true in November.

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