Tucker Carlson Contacted By CNN’s Brian Stelter as They Fight

Tucker Carlson Contacted By CNN's Brian Stelter As They Fight

(AmericanProsperity.com) – There’s no major shortage of headlines these days. Yet, CNN host Brian Stelter has decided to report on Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s night commentary instead of covering the daily news.

It all started with Carlson’s June 28 claim that an unnamed whistleblower told him the National Security Agency (NSA) was monitoring his activities for “political reasons.” On July 7, Axios reported it reached out to the NSA and asked if it was willing to deny Carlson’s allegation. The agency declined and referred Axios to an earlier statement it released that conspicuously didn’t directly deny they collected any of Carlson’s communications.

Amid that ongoing chaos, Stelter started doing an on-camera hit job on Carlson, trying to set him up to look like a liar. Not yet satisfied, Stelter decided to try to stir up trouble at Fox News by claiming Carlson had to be lying because Fox executives and pundits weren’t actively defending Carlson.

Frustrated that none of his punches seemed to land on Carlson, Stelter decided to up the ante and tried to engage with Carlson directly. As you can see from the tweet above, it didn’t turn out very well — that is, of course, if the tweet is accurate.

Once upon a time, journalists had a code of conduct, and they reported on the news. Nowadays, mainstream media hosts like Stelter appear to be focused more on creating news events instead of reporting them. Yet, CNN wonders why people call it fake news. In this instance, it would likely be more accurate to call it “non-news.”

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