Twitter Users Point Out Odd Change To Joe Biden

Twitter Users Point Out Odd Change To Joe Biden

( – Twitter users are jumping on another theory about President Joe Biden. They now say both the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden’s current administration are conspiring to hide the fact that Biden isn’t actually the president. They cite a blurred presidential seal in media content as proof.

Biden’s administration gathers around him in a recent news release as he signs the infrastructure deal into law. A sharp eye might notice that the presidential seal on the front of his podium has been blurred out.

This most recent incident isn’t the first time media companies blurred out the seal in content. A slew of compiled clips shows Biden standing behind various podiums; all feature the apparent “glitch.” But does it then follow that the theory is true?

Theorists claim the blurring of the presidential seal is at least fishy. However, the truth is far simpler and much less nefarious.

U.S. Code 18 Chapter 33 Code 713 contains a list of rules restricting how government seals, including the presidential seal, may be used. Primarily, only White House affiliated accounts have the right to display the seal in media content. Individuals, media outlets, and other miscellaneous entities — including many other government departments — must blur the seal before publishing to adhere to the law.

Both the Biden administration and his supporters cite this law in defense of the president. While some may find this questionable, there is evidence to suggest it is legitimate. For example, former President Donald Trump also blurred the seal in several videos posted to Facebook and campaign-related ads.

Regardless of what is really going on, another supposed scandal is the last thing President Biden needs right now. His approval ratings continue to plummet. The current administration seems intent on breaking the rule of “any press is good press.”

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