Two Hospitalizations Cause Immediate Shut Down of Abortion Clinic

Two Hospitalizations Cause Immediate Shut Down of Abortion Clinic

Abortion Clinic SHUT DOWNS – Stomach Churning Details Revealed

( – Abortion has been a big topic of debate in recent months. The issue has gained even more attention, now that a draft opinion from the Supreme Court makes it seem likely the high court may overturn Roe v. Wade, handing the issue back to the states. While some might argue keeping abortions legal preserves the safe practice, it serves well to mention two women recently had to visit the hospital after receiving such treatment. And both from the same clinic, prompting a response from the health department.

A report from Fox News discusses how health officials in the Sunshine State issued an emergency order suspending an abortion clinic’s right to operate after learning about the incidents. Fox explained that Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration handed down the suspension of the American Family Planning of Pensacola’s license on May 21 following the report.

The agency cited several problems with the practice including failure to provide medical records when patients were transferred, not conducting 24-hour check-ups, and neglecting to monitor its patients at all times. The agency asserted these operational issues endangered the safety and well-being of the clinic’s patients.

One of the women who underwent the operation later suffered dangerously low blood pressure and blood loss. She eventually had to have an emergency hysterectomy.

Another case occurred when staff at the clinic in question told a woman’s husband to take her to a hospital in Mobile, Alabama rather than the closer one locally, through which the clinic had a transfer agreement. Medical staff in Mobile had to perform CPR on the woman, and she underwent a blood transfusion due to loss of blood.

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