U.N. Says More Aquatic Animals Were Farmed Than Fished Last Year

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a United Nations report, there were more fish, shrimp, clams, and other aquatic life that were harvested by farming than by fishing for the first time. The U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization reported that the global catch and harvest was able to bring in more than one hundred and eighty million tons of aquatic animals.

Experts stated that this historic result was expected as the hauls from fisheries have stayed stagnant over the last few decades. Head of FAO’s fisheries and aquaculture division, Manuel Barange, said that the aquatic animals have benefited from growing natural benefits like Omega 3’s.

The total amount of water animals that were captured fell almost six hundred thousand tons over the last year; global production rose three hundred thousand in a year as well, and Asia made up over ninety percent of all aquaculture production.

Some of the most common fish that are captured are Peruvian anchovies, shrimp, clams, skipjack tuna, Alaskan pollock, prawns, tilapia, and carp. It’s said that ninety percent of aquatic animals that are farmed or fished are going straight to human consumption while the rest goes to things like feeding other animals or making fish oils.

This result wasn’t exactly surprising for experts who have been watching the trend on aquatic animals, but this groundbreaking historic moment shows just how aquatic fishing is starting to slow down and many people are seeing an increase in production rather than an increase in fishing among the aquatic life.

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