U.S. Senate Race CHANGES – It Happened!

RCP Changes Rating On A Senate Seat In New Hampshire

RCP Changes Rating On A Senate Seat In New Hampshire

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The midterms are only days away as Republicans and Democrats enter the final lap of their race. The GOP hopes to retake both chambers of Congress. To regain control of the Senate, Republicans need to keep all of their seats and gain at least one. The GOP’s hopes are looking up as it gains momentum in states like New Hampshire, where RealClearPolitics has changed the race’s rating to a “toss up.”

General Don Buldoc (R) has been gaining on his Democratic opponent Senator Maggie Hassan in the last stretch of the midterm cycle. Polling from New Hampshire Journal/Coefficient shows the two candidates in a tie, each with 45% of likely voters supporting them. However, 7% still remain undecided. Hassan has slipped around six points since September, giving Buldoc a chance to gain on her. The Republican challenger didn’t take the opportunity for granted and gained 11 points for himself.

Buldoc’s team told the New Hampshire Journal that after every campaign event, their candidate was hearing the same concerns from voters in the Granite State: that inflation was overwhelming, and the blame lay at the feet of Senator Hassan. Buldoc’s spokeswoman, Kate Constantini, declared the polling was proof the Republican had enough momentum, and the people of New Hampshire were tired of Hassan’s policies.

If the GOP gains the seat in New Hampshire and holds all of its seats, conservatives will retake the Senate majority. However, they don’t have to rely on the Granite State, as the Right is also doing well in Georgia and Nevada. Both seats are currently held by Democrats.

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