Uber Caught Using Illegal Methods To Push Political Agenda

Uber Caught Using Illegal Methods To Push Political Agenda

Uber Gets Caught In The Political Scheme Of The Decade

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Uber is a major US mobility provider, rivaling traditional taxis. The company has gained popularity over the years and has grown into what it is today. Yet, Uber wasn’t always so successful, and a recent leak uncovers how the company resorted to shady tactics and dealings to become what it is today.

Recently, Mark McGann, a former executive with Uber, leaked more than 124,000 documents to The Guardian, which the outlet nicknamed the Uber Files, regarding the company’s questionable business practices. The outlet began investigating, finding the documents credible, and released an exposé on how the company peddled influence to maintain its market share in several European countries.

The documents McGann leaked spanned from 2013 and 2017, exposing the company’s lobbying of world leaders, including President Joe Biden, regarding how the business concealed information from authorities and knowingly put drivers at risk.

The monumental leak revealed messages from top executives admitting they knew they were breaking the law. One outright called company activity illegal and another jokingly called Uber pirates. A message from Travis Kalanick, who served as Uber’s CEO at the time, intentionally sent drivers into an area of France where protests were taking place despite the danger they faced. Kalanick reportedly claimed it was “worth it,” adding that “violence guarantees success.”

Kalanick had also been in contact with now-French President Emmanuel Macron, who served as France’s economy minister during their talks. Macron told Uber representatives he had reached a secret deal with opponents in the French Cabinet. The former CEO was also in contact with then-Vice President Biden, with whom he had a meeting. Biden praised Uber as a company that offered people the opportunity to set their own hours.

While not all of the business’s actions were illegal, some were, and it resorted to shady tactics and intentionally placed drivers at risk. How will this leak impact Uber now and how will the company spin the news?

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