UK Theaters Cancel Film About Muhammad’s Daughter Following Muslim Protest

UK Theaters Cancel Film About Muhammad's Daughter Following Muslim Protest

Terrified Theater Bans Film Following Threats From Angry Mob

( – Popular UK theater company Cineworld is facing intense backlash this week over its decision to halt screenings of a controversial film. “The Lady of Heaven,” a historical drama depicting one of Muhammed’s daughters, apparently incited outrage, protests, and cries of blasphemy from the Muslim community. A rash of in-person protests at four separate locations raised concerns about staff safety.

Cineworld, who also served as a distributor for the film, pulled the movie just four days after its release. The movie which tells the story of Lady Fatima, one of Muhammed’s daughters, opens in recent history with an ISIS attack in Iraq. Protestors called that bigoted and offensive to Muslims.

Still, the biggest issue is the film’s depiction of the Muslim prophet, Muhammed. Followers of the religion call it downright blasphemous.

The incident reminds some individuals of the story of artist Lars Vilks, who had to live under the protection of local police from 2007 until his death in 2021 after he published a political cartoon featuring Muhammed. Cineworld allegedly feared the protests might escalate to similar extremes; executives didn’t want to take the risk.

Malik Shlibak, the film’s producer, found the delisting infuriating. Other proponents of the £12 million work call Cineworld’s decision to nix the movie the perfect example of modern cancel culture and a direct imposition on freedom of speech.

Still, the protests haven’t stopped other distributors from airing the film. Vue Cinemas has continued the release with viewings throughout its London locations.

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