Ukraine Endures Blackouts as Russia Attacks Power Grid

( – Ukrainians are having to deal with widespread emergency blackouts as Russia continues to attack important infrastructure and target the power grid. Moscow has continued to intensify their attacks against Ukraine’s energy grid and just last week energy facilities came under what they named a “massive attack.”

“The situation in the energy sector remains difficult,” Ukraine’s energy ministry said.

Volodymyr Zelenksiy said that Russia has damaged or destroyed more than half of Ukraine’s power generation, which has caused the worst blackouts the country has seen since the beginning of the full invasion. Zelenksiy has asked for Western allies to speed up deliveries of aid and air defenses.

“Modern air defense systems for Ukraine, such as Patriots, accelerated training of our pilots for F-16s, and most importantly, sufficient range for our weapons, are truly necessary,” the Ukrainian president said.

Since his pleas for more aid, the United States, Romania, and Germany have all pledged to send in more aid or a Patriot system into the country. Zelenksiy said that they would need at least seven Patriot missiles to “secure our main urban agglomerations.”

As the country awaits aid, Russia is continuing its attacks on the power grid. Oleksandr Babich, an IT worker, said “I can’t work from my office anymore and now roam from cafe to cafe to try to find a quiet spot with electricity. At night I light up candles. Russia is trying to take us back into the stone age.”

Russia has claimed that Ukraine attacked the city of Sevastopol. Russia’s defense ministry said that Ukraine had struck “the civilian infrastructure of the city of Sevastopol with Atacms tactical missiles supplied by the United States and equipped with cluster warheads.”

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