Ukraine Forces Move Forward, Advance Suddenly

( – During a July 10 broadcast statement, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukrainian troops advanced on their counteroffensive campaign. The Ukrainian leader explained that the main goal is to reconquer Russian-held areas in the southeast region, and announced that the troops “are doing it.”

In the statement, Zelensky pointed out that while the counteroffensive experienced different setbacks at the beginning, troops have now “taken the initiative.” He also told Ukrainians that the country will come out “victorious” and that people’s “bravery” will allow a “total triumph” against Russian invaders.

His comments were surprising as he recently said during an interview with ABC that advances were slower than what “Ukraine wanted.” He even said that while the Ukrainian troops were holding the initiative, this wasn’t “as fast as we would like to.”

Following the statement, the Ukrainian military said in an update around the frontlines that the armed forces recaptured over 65 square miles on the southern front. The military also noted that, since the counteroffensive began in June, Ukrainian troops have recovered 24 square kilometers around Bakhmut.

Over the last few weeks, different reports pointed out that Ukraine’s counteroffensive hasn’t been successful so far. However, political analysts such as Ian Bremmer and Ignacio Montes have said that Ukraine could now have a chance to achieve some victories after Wagner’s mutiny. Both have said in different tweets and media appearances that Ukrainian troops should capitalize on “Russian weakness” as Wagner’s involvement in the war will be reduced.

On her Telegram channel, Ukraine’s deputy defense minister Hanna Maliar said on July 10 that Ukrainian troops are using sophisticated Western weaponry in the operation. She pointed out that the counteroffensive seeks to “liberate” a cluster of southeastern villages and retake the areas around Bakhmut. Maliar explained this is “crucial” to eventually recapture the city.

After that, she explained that Ukrainian forces are currently engaging in “heavy fighting” in two different areas of the southeast. She said the troops are “consolidating our gains” in the areas and claimed that the Ukrainian troops will emerge victorious.

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