Ukraine Requests Additional German Tanks

( – According to a Pravda June 12 report, Ukraine is asking Germany to send more tanks, as the counteroffensive against Russian troops keeps going. The request comes after different reports show that Russia may have destroyed some Leopard 2 tanks that the Ukrainian armed forces were using on the battlefield.

During a press conference, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrii Melnyk said that the Ukrainian armed forces “desperately” need more of these battle tanks. He also said that the armed forces need different types of fighting and armored vehicles to meet their goals in the counteroffensive operation. Melnyk, who was previously Ukraine’s ambassador in Germany, explained that each of these German-made tanks are crucial for this “decisive offensive.”

One of the most controversial moments came when he said that the German government is capable of providing more Leopard 2 tanks. He told reporters that the Bundeswehr can easily make this happen as Germany has a stockpile of over 300 Leopard 2 tanks. Additionally, he claimed that Berlin should make this happen since the 18 tanks it already provided can be “tripled,” as he said this won’t affect Germany’s defense. Finally, he publicly asked Berlin to send more Taurus cruise missiles and Marder infantry vehicles for the Ukrainian armed forces.

German member of parliament Roderich Kiesewetter said he supported Ukraine’s demands. He said in a statement that allies should replace all destroyed equipment and armored personnel carriers, and deliver new ones. He even said this included the Leopard battle tanks.

Free Democratic Party military member Markus Faber also expressed his support for Ukraine and its armed forces. He said in a separate statement that replacing “lost material” is one of the most efficient ways to support Ukrainian defenders in their counteroffensive operation. Moreover, Faber said in his statement this was the perfect opportunity for the German Government to “increase the numbers,” so it could help Kyiv even more.

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