Ukraine Soccer Team Wins First Game Since the Invasion

Ukraine Soccer Team Wins First Game Since the Invasion

Ukraine Soccer Team’s First Win Since The Invasion Is The Heartwarming Story You Need To See Today

( – It seems like everywhere you turn, all you hear nowadays is bad news. Whether it be inflation, rising gas prices, supply shortages, or the Ukraine-Russia conflict, there’s a lot weighing people down. But despite everything, Ukraine finally has something everyone can cheer about.

This past Wednesday the Ukrainian men’s national soccer team got back on the field for a club-versus-country friendly match against the German club Borussia Mönchengladbach.

The conflict with Russia had kept players off the field since November 2021, when they beat Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-0. And then the league seasons became frozen at the end of February, when their country was invaded by Russia. Needless to say, their performance was assumed to be anything but stellar.

Though some players had been traveling Europe and playing fundraising games, others had been held up in their own apartments. Even without proper practice and the team’s high-profile players — left-back Oleksandr Zinchenko, forward Andriy Yarmolenko, and striker Roman Yaremchuk — they still managed to win the charity fundraiser 2-1.

Whether it was the roaring crowd of 20,000, (many of whom attended for free), the Ukrainian anthem that kicked off the game, or just the sheer support for both sides, one thing is certain, the team is in high spirits as they look forward to the World Cup qualifying playoff game against Scotland in June. Hopefully, the victory brings joy to Ukrainians who’ve been far too short on good news.

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