Ukraine Soldiers Are Reportedly Dipping Bullets in Pig’s Fat to Fight Muslim Russians

Ukraine Soldiers Are Reportedly Dipping Bullets in Pig's Fat to Fight Muslim Russians

( – With the conflict in Eastern Europe erupting into a full-scale battle, both sides are doing everything they can to win. While many videos and stories coming out of Ukraine have been debunked, one seems to hold water. Members of Ukraine’s forces are allegedly dipping their bullets in pig grease to combat Russian Muslims.

According to the National File, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered Chechen Muslims from Russia’s Chechnya region to spearhead the push for Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv. Putin ordered the Chechens, known for their brutality, to bring back Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president, dead or alive after the Ukrainian leader allegedly refused to evacuate his country’s capital.

As a result, members of the Ukrainian National Guard are greasing their munitions with pig grease, as shown in a video on Twitter.

As Muslims, the Quran prohibits the Chechens from consuming pork. Furthermore, the Quran dictates the punishment for Muslims who defy this rule as an eternity of damnation in Hell. The Ukrainian forces, allegedly part of a group known as Azov, a right-wing militia, explained the combination of pig fat and bullets would allow their troops to send the Chechens straight to Hell, denying them any hope of experiencing paradise.

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