Ukrainian Court Condemns Russian War Criminal to Life in Prison

Ukrainian Court Condemns Russian War Criminal to Life in Prison

Russian War Criminal Sentenced To Pay Ultimate Price For Evil Deeds

( – The war in Ukraine continues to rage on, now past the three-month mark. As Russia continues to assault the much smaller Ukraine, leaders around the world, including President Biden, have declared that Russian forces are committing war crimes. A Ukrainian court recently sentenced its first Russian soldier.

The defendant, Russian Sergeant Vadim Shishimarin, was accused of killing a 62-year-old Ukrainian civilian. According to ABC News, Shishimarin shot the unarmed man in the head during the beginning of Russia’s invasion. Despite the 21-year-old’s defense lawyer trying their best to represent the young man, the court still found him guilty, sentencing him to life in prison. Shishimarin apologized to the victim’s family, explaining that he was only following orders. The defendant’s attorney, Victor Ovsyanikov, asserted he would appeal the decision.

Volodymyr Yavorskyy, an advocate for Ukrainian civil liberties, declared the sentence was a bit extreme, noting Shishimarin only killed a single person during the war. However, a British lawyer specializing in human rights, Aarif Abraham, said he felt Shishimarin received a fair trial. Prosecutors in Ukraine are still investigating the extent of Russian war crimes, which ABC says are in the thousands.

Does the punishment fit the crime? How many more Russians will pay for their actions in Ukraine?

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