UK’s Next Potential Leader Has Bold Ideas About China

UK's Next Potential Leader Has Bold Ideas About China

UK’s Next Leader Has An Agenda Conservative Americans Will LOVE

( – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his pending resignation at the beginning of July, setting off a race to find his replacement. The top contender for the job recently discussed Britain’s biggest threats. Among the most important issues for the right-leaning favorite appears to be China’s influence in the region.

On July 25, conservatives Foreign Minister Liz Truss and MP Rishi Sunak participated in a televised debate. Both candidates expressed fears over China’s possible influence in the UK. Breitbart reported that Truss, who is the likely frontrunner for Johnson’s job, told viewers that she believes there should be a crackdown on companies like TikTok. She also said Great Britain should limit the “number of tech exports” that go to “authoritarian regimes.”

Engineers who work for TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, were recently accused of accessing US user data in Beijing multiple times. An Australian cybersecurity firm, Internet 2.0, has also warned about the tech giant harvesting data.

Truss expressed additional concerns about the UK relying too heavily on China for imports. Europe is already experiencing the negative impact of Russia’s monopoly on energy. The foreign minister said, “We cannot allow that to happen with China.” The popular candidate made it clear she doesn’t think it’s inevitable that the communists will become “the biggest economy in the world,” but leaders have been enabling the oppressive regime.

Parliament will decide on the new prime minister on September 5.

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