United Nations Starts to Move Aid Through US-built Pier

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The United Nations said that they’ve started moving aid through the United States-built pier located off the coast of Gaza.

It wasn’t known when the aid was going to reach Palestinians in Gaza, but it’s been pushed for as many worry about starvation and the death of Palestinians due to malnutrition. It has been quite a while since aid has been moved through the pier due to security concerns. The pier operations were paused after an Israeli military raid, which the United Nations is now investigating.

There were ten million pounds of aid delivered just over the last seven days, but it’s been difficult to get aid to Gaza as there are border restrictions and restrictions on what items can enter Gaza.

A Joe Biden administration official said that there is now an open conversation with Egypt and Qatar about reopening Israel-Hamas negotiations. There is a three-phase plan that was laid out almost a month ago by President Biden. A “full and complete cease-fire” is the basis of the first phases, as well as the release of hostages in return for the release of Palestinian hostages.

Hamas’ political official, Osama Hamdan, said that they haven’t received a new negotiation proposal from mediators. However, Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh spoke with the lead of Egypt’s general intelligence service to discuss possible negotiations.

There has been a push for negotiations and an agreement between the two parties to be made as the war has caused the death of thirty thousand Palestinians and has put those that are still alive at great risk. .

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