United States Expels 100 Chinese Migrants in Mass Deportation

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The United States, as part of a mass deportation, has expelled more than one hundred Chinese migrants from the country, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Homeland Security Secretary, said, “We will continue to enforce our immigration laws and remove individuals without a legal basis to remain in the United States.”

The flight of deportees was referred to as a “large charter flight,” and it comes amid debate in the political world regarding the issue of Chinese immigration. The Department of Homeland Security said that it was working with China to “reduce and deter irregular migration and to disrupt illicit human smuggling through expanded law enforcement efforts.”

Years prior when the United States sent Chinese immigrants back to China, they had difficulty because Chinese nationals would not take them back into the country.

U.S. border officials saw a huge surge in Chinese immigrants coming in through the Mexico border during the immigration crisis. Over thirty-five thousand Chinese nationals were arrested by U.S. border officials last year.

Chinese migration has been surging and many officials, especially Donald Trump, are wondering what the motive is behind Chinese migrants coming to America. Earlier in the year, the U.S. and China worked together on migration issues with China saying that they are against “all forms of illegal immigration.”

Flights with Chinese migrants could continue as the United States looks to move them back into their country via planes in an effort to stop or cut down on Chinese migration.

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