United States Ignored Proof of U.K. Bank Supporting Iranian Groups

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Documents have been released to the United States federal court that allege a major British bank called Standard Chartered was helping to finance Iranian entities and terrorist groups. It’s said that the evidence was ignored by American authorities and governments.

Standard Chartered, which serves clients in emerging markets, was punished with almost a two billion dollar fine after admitting to violating sanctions on Iran and other blacklisted countries a decade ago. However, the bank now denies that it ran transactions for any organizations that were labeled as terrorists.

Julian Knight, a former employee and current whistleblower has claimed that U.S. officials have lied, denying that they knew about the evidence that was provided. The officials have tried to dismiss the whistleblower case against the bank by calling it “meritless.” Knight has since asked the United States federal court to reopen the case in New York.

Knight was one of the two whistleblowers who gave the United States confidential bank documents that had transactions he said contained proof of more sanctions breaches. He even claimed that the evidence went beyond 2007, which is when they claimed that they stopped any dealings with Iran, but the proof served that this was not true.

The court filing presented by Knight claims that the U.S. authorities have committed fraud by denying that he presented “damning evidence” that the bank “facilitated many billions of dollars in banking transactions for Iran, numerous international terror groups, and the front companies for those groups.”

The filing says that the bank’s clients included companies such as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hamas Terrorist Group, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and other Iran entities in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Germany.

The two whistleblowers claimed that the United States authorities that investigated “made false statements to a court in order to have their claim for a whistleblower’s reward dismissed.”

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