University Student Failed for Refusing To Criticize Israel

University Student Failed for Refusing To Criticize Israel

College Student Pays Ultimate Price For Standing Up

( – Failure is a part of life, hitting some people intensely more than others and sometimes affecting good, hard-working people who deserve better. In one case, which has resulted in a lawsuit against Leeds University, a former student claimed to fail an assignment. She alleges the score had nothing to do with the work’s merit, and her teacher had evaluated it unfairly because she refused to criticize Israel.

Danielle Greyman, a Jewish graduate of Leeds University, has filed a legal claim against the prestigious university due to an essay she feels was unjustly graded. The 23-year-old explained her paper covered the crimes Hamas had committed against Palestinians. Greyman declared her paper didn’t pass because she wouldn’t push blame onto Israel.

Her original essay mentioned Hamas using human shields and asserted the government betrayed its own people. The instructor responsible for grading the paper allegedly left a note near that specific section pointing out it ignored the reality of the Israeli government committing “acts of violence.”

According to The Jewish Chronicle, an external source reviewed the 23-year-old’s essay and declared it should’ve passed. Leeds University forced the young woman to revisit the module. She passed, but the delay cost the student her chance to graduate before the deadline for her chosen master’s course. Greyman told the outlet she suffered major “emotional damage” as a result of the failing grade, adding she nearly had a breakdown.

The student is suing the university for the alleged damages. She’s accusing the school of negligence enabling anti-Semitism, discrimination, and victimization.

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